Ohh Barracuda….

Fishing“Fish on!”, wait not again. Damn, okay everyone get your rods in so (everyone else besides me) could reel in their fish. While on vacation, visiting family in Belize, we decided to go fishing. You know that there is “fishing” and then there is “catching.” Well, everyone else was catchin barracuda, I merely was fishing.

My ego, was a little crushed.

I mean – I always get the first fish or the biggest fish. Not the case here. Rather, I stepped back and saw the rest of our crew bring in these fiercely exotic fish with monster-like fangs, that I had only heard about and never seen up close. But the smiles around me were contagious and I was just happy to see others have success.

I had to remember an angler’s quote from Herbert Hoover: “Be patient and calm — for no one can catch fish in anger.”

Just like that, Lady Hawk brought in a 12-pound ‘cuda.

Now, some people would ask why would you go fishing on a vacation? Well, that’s really all we did growing up in the Northwest. Our summer vacations were spent in Sekiu, Washington, located on a quiet bay at the northwest tip of the Olympic Peninsula, on the Strait of Juan de Fuca. For three weeks, the whole family fished and fished every day until we caught our limit. I spent my summers here, learning how to drive a boat, bait hooks, clean fish, and learn more about the wonders of WD-40.

I also learned patience and looking for new strategies for success — success being bringing fish into the boat. That would mean freshening hooks with new bait, trolling to different spots, using a different fishing rod, or even just taking a break.

The outdoor industry and fishing have a lot of similarities: The gear we use, being outside, the people who enjoy the sport, but most importantly the virtue of patience.

I find myself often challenged to hit ambitious sales goals, traveling from city to city, even finding time to get to all my e-mails during the day. When it is all said and done, it is patience that has always grounded me in making the best decisions.

So with that said, it is patience that I wish for all of you, my readers. It took me picking up a fishing rod in Belize to remind myself to embrace patience. You should, too, because sooner or later you, too, will yell, “Fish on!”



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