Three Thoughts Thursday

IMG_8668Howdy Folks,

For this installment of #ThreeThoughtsThursday, the following is what has been on my mind and wanting to share for the past few weeks!

The MUSE – The MUSE,   an online career resource that offers insights into job opportunities and in depth articles on tips on how to improve your career.  I love this website and get the daily emails – tons of good stuff here, #ladyhawk approves.

Hydro Flask – The only hydration container you will EVER need. I am serious. If you are not familiar with this brand you should be. Based in Bend, Oregon the brand recently sold for $210M in February to  consumer household goods company Helen of Troy. What I love about this bottle is that you can trust it to keep your beverages cold, IMG_8670hot, and they will last longer. I have used my water bottle during Bikram and Power Yoga and despite the room being heated at 105 degrees, my water is ALWAYS cold. Also, remember that post on Dawn Patrols? What do you think kept the coffee warm on the hike up Little Conttonwood? A definite #ladyhawk approves purchase.

Red Hot Chili Peppers – The southern Californian, sock wearing, pioneers of alternative rock RHCP about to release  their new LP, The Getaway on June 17th. This will be their 11th studio album and seems just like yesterday I was listening to both sides of my first RHCP’s album, Mother’s Milk. Now I feel old. You can download the first release off the new album, Dark Necessities here.

I appreciate everyone’s feedback and support and look forward to sharing the good word in the next installment of #ThreeThoughtsThursday!

– Ladyhawk

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