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If I were to send a survey out to my  outdoor industry colleagues and ask why did you join? I’d probably hear many “ Wonder Years” stories of sleeping in a tent with all your siblings, fishing with grandpa in the river, roasting marshmallows, and hiking in the forests. The stories that defined our childhood and ultimately fuel who we are today. Just like many of you, I too have these countless memories.

But you know what?

The gear wasn’t that good when I was growing up in the Northwest. My “rain pants” were my soccer warm up pants or worst, jeans. There is a great article by SGB Today that goes in detail. Colin Butts, director of marketing at Chaco summed it up perfectly when he said, “Parents today are seeking outdoor activities to share with their children to expose them to a wider world than the purely electronic one … a world that can engage them on a number of fronts — from boundless play space to an education in nature. Local parks, camps, forests, and monuments offer parents an inexpensive, but rich natural escape.”

I wanted to expand on this with some of my favorite products for kids from Marmot. Our brand doesn’t compromise on quality, features, and technology especially when it comes to this category.

Kid’s Trestles 30

This is the one style that my friends and family beg me to get for them. The Marmot Kids’ Trestle 30 is a synthetic sleeping bag that come in vibrant colors, warm foot box, and a comfortable 3D hood. This is the perfect gift for the up and coming gear junkie that will definitely get your kids stoked for any adventure outside!

Marmot Colfax 4

This is the ultimate room to roam tent, perfect for car camping or adventure in the backyard. The tent sleeps 4 people, comfortably and with tons of room to stretch out. The Colfax has a imAgespacious size footprint that can easily fit an air mattress for more comfort. My favorite feature – a double door, perfect for your rowdy buckaroo!

Kid’s Half Hitch

The quintessential back to school and trail piece for any outdoor kids is the Marmot Half Hitch. It is simple day pack, that is tough, and comes with a cool exterior water bottle pouch. Also, your kid will look pretty damn cute roaming the halls or trail with this.

Remember that post I did on #Parks4Kids? The National Park System is celebrating it’s 100th birthday and will be highlighting the achievements of the past, but importantly will be focused on the future. In honor of the Centennial the NPS will be launching the “Every Kid in a Park” program. The program is open to every 4th grader in U.S. and they will be able explore the over 400 National Parks for free the 2015/16 school year. This movement will inspire young Americans to connect, enjoy, and support one of the greatest treasures of this country — for free.

No excuses to get your mini me outdoors! Free entrance to the parks and some great recommendations from Ladyhawk!

See you on the trail!


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