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Katie Hawkins was born to lead in the outdoor industries. She grew up among the towering pine trees of the Pacific North West, with views of snowy volcanoes always in her periphery vision. Katie’s Mom told her often that “one day, she would move mountains.”

By the age of 17, an inseparable bond was strongly in place with Katie and the outdoors – her playground and sanctuary. It was at this pivotal time that she announced to her family that she was going to study business and make a big impact in the outdoor industry. She set about to do just that at the very start of her career in these great markets, serving as a part-time ski instructor and local ski shop retail associate.

A decade later, she’s making good on her promise. With an MBA under her belt and leadership experience at several of the most iconic brands in the outdoor industries, Katie’s one of the most respected young professionals working in these markets today

Katie launched iamladyhawk.com because she’s dedicated to using her experience and platform as a means to build partnerships, develop strategies for success at all levels, and push the growth and awareness of women’s categories in the outdoor markets.

Ladyhawk leads with gratitude in life and in business. Her journey from being a ski tuner at a tiny retail shop in the Pacific Northwest to one of the only female sales manager in the industry can be daunting, and is always humbling. Katie takes that challenge head on everyday always keeping in mind that she’s forging a path forward for other women in the industry.

Visit iamladyhawk.com often for your very own front row seat to Katie’s world. You’ll be taken on the road with Katie, hear her industry insights, travel war stories, and read about the experiences that fuel her ongoing drive and creativity to be an integral part of the outdoor and active lifestyle markets.

If you’re an aspiring passionate woman doing business in the outdoor world, this is your community! Oh, and get excited because it’s gonna be a wild ride!

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